Honoring Veterans

Congratulations to our 2014 AVT Honorees

Captain Cathy Wilson and her husband, Don, also a Navy Veteran

Captain Cathy Wilson and her husband, Don, also a Navy Veteran

Captain Catherine Wilson

US Navy (retired)

AVT is so proud to call Cathy Wilson our “First Lady” of AVT.

She is a Virginia native, from a Navy family & continues to support veterans building programs that are noticed and replicated nationwide.

Her distinguished 29-year Naval career included commanding several fleet hospitals around the US & in Kuwait and was awarded multiple commendations.

In her retirement, Cathy returned home in 2008 to head a new program, Virginia Wounded Warrior Program, focused on working with veterans to help relieve the stigma of getting the help they need.

She is currently elevated from that position and is the current Deputy Commissioner of the Virginia Department Veterans Affairs for the State of Virginia.

Stuart Seaton and his lovely wife, Virginia

Stuart Seaton and his lovely wife, Virginia

Colonel Stuart Seaton

US Army (Retired)

A native of Richmond, VA, Col. Seaton entered the Army after graduating from the Virginia Military Institute.

Seaton was an artillery trainer until he volunteered for and received basic paratrooper training prior to WWII. After joining the 82nd Airborne & the 456th parachute artillery unit, his first post in WWII was North Africa. In 1943, Seaton jumped into Italy, wounded & awarded the Purple Heart.

During the remainder of WWII, Seaton rose to the rank of Major and served in Italy, Southern France & Belgium, including the critical control of Bastogne.

Seaton also served in 2 campaigns of the Korean War as Battalion Commander of the 674th Airborne Field Artillery Battalion.

Seaton received numerous commendations & citations including 3 Bronze Stars & Award of the Army Commendation Medal

After Korea, Colonel Seaton finished his over 20-year career as the senior artillery instructor at United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.